Videography and Photography for colorless & Fancy color polished diamonds and Jewelery

Diamonds are unique due to their breath taking brilliance, fire and scintillating Performance. The value of the diamond depends on 4Cs. In this regard, the lab grading reports and their numerical data are incomprehensible to most retailers and consumers. So a better way to raise efficiency of colorless and fancy color diamonds and Jewelery sales via on-line business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) is via high quality images and especially video.

Images tell only half the story, as most of the beauty attributes are dynamic and can be appreciated in sterio environment. So a dynamic display of the polish diamond and Jewelery can gradually improve on-line apprising.

Movies made by diamond cutting and Jewelery manufacturers can be used to sell via B2B, provided a consistent standard is maintained. The very same movie can be used by a retailer to sell a diamond or Jewelery to his customer.

The result of Lexus Softmac efforts is the “Di Box for Photography” - and “Vi Box Technology for Videography” -

'In a business where most of one's clients are located in - often remote - foreign markets and countries, we needed such services that would enable clients to view our diamonds from every angle, just as if they are holding the stone in their own hands.

Re-Imagineering Services

In many cases of polished diamonds certification, in house analysis of cut, symmetry differs from the analysis of GIA, IGI, HRD results. And diamond manufacturer ends up with repairing of polished diamond to reach near the result given by GIA or other labs. But not every individual manufacturer can estimate the exact percentage of repairing or what effort has to be put behind repairing of polished diamond.

GIA has used certain proportion measurements obtained with non-contact optical scanners to grade the cut of round brilliant diamonds. Improvements in the operation and accuracy of these instruments now enable us to also measure some symmetry parameters during the grading process.

Therefore, many diamond manufacturers are now-a-days in a position to predict GIA symmetry grades from measurement data, so they can apply these considerations during planning and cutting. Likewise, makers of non-contact optical scanners have been interested in guidelines for how measurable symmetry parameters affect the GIA symmetry grade.

The grade services presented here offer a substantive estimate of the symmetry grade for any round brilliant cut diamond.

LTM Measure the diamond’s Cut grade according to most major gem labs(GIA, IGI, HRD, etc.). Explains the Re-Imagineering potential of your diamond. Derives detailed Re-Imagineering instructions to be improvement with highest cut grade with minimal weight loss. Increases the polishers' confidence, and save time and money like avoiding re-certification cost of your diamond.

Diamond Type Identification

We give service for Diamond type identification, so that HPHT & CVD diamonds can be easily separated from Natural Diamonds.

The issue of synthetic diamonds has become an extremely important and contentious issue in recent times. There are lot of negative events and news flow affecting the consumer confidence of the trade. Detection of synthetic diamonds is the key weapon to fight this menace. However, the technologies prevalent today cannot with 100% precision, determine whether a diamond is a synthetic one. But there are technologies to determine whether any diamond is a type IIa diamond or not. Less than 2% of all natural diamonds are type IIa and synthetic diamonds are all IIa. Thus, identification and segregation of type IIa diamonds and their further analysis can lead to a fairly accurate detection of synthetics.

With enormous experience and based on years of research, Lemon TechnoMist can analyze the type of a diamond. Knowledge about the science of diamonds, light performance, colour, luminosity and the likes, and expertise to use the available technologies, in some cases, even before they are commercially available, enable LTM to add value to the subject and detection of synthetic diamonds.

Although LTM has its own in-house lab for providing this service as an outsourced agency. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to provide tremendous value to our client through this service due to:

-Domain expertise in the area of diamond design and manufacturing technologies
-Focused and specialized light performance analyst team
-In-house R&D, technology and equipment required for Light Performance analysis
-Access to group’s proven R&D capability
-Fast Response time

Setting up in-house Synthetic Diamond Screening Lab

We give service for Diamond type identification, so that HPHT & CVD diamonds can be easily separated from Natural Diamonds.

Although LTM has its own in-house lab for providing this service as an outsourced agency, it can also assist clients in setting up their in-house labs for preliminary analysis and immediate detection of synthetics.

LTM shall initially assist client in following ways:
a. Assist in recruiting and/or deputing the team for the in-house lab.
b. Provide training to the team
c. Set the procedures to be followed by the client’s operating team
d. Provide assistance in the lay out design of the lab
e. Assist in identification of the equipment to be purchase

LTM shall provide the following ongoing additional services:
a. Quarterly review of processes, documents etc. to ensure that SOPs are followed & team is doing work properly.
b. Refresher training to the team on emerging technologies, new learning on the subject, etc.
c. Review and up-gradation of procedures at periodic intervals (as may be needed)
d. Recruitment of more people, if needed
e. Assistance in procurement of new equipment and technologies.

Manpower Deputation Services

LTM provides advisory team deputation to provide technical advice and solution to get best possible production with best results. For more details contact our marketing team at LTM centres.

Collection center for stones to be sent to our Surat facility for other services