This fundamental truth applies to all people and businesses, including the diamond cutting and polishing industry. But nowhere is its effect more pronounced than in the application of technology. Today’s best technology would be outdated tomorrow. For example, just a few years back, Imagineering technologies used in diamond planning used 10x magnification while the most recent ones use 100x. The planning machines have become more intelligent and precise, churning out thousands of permutations and combinations on the click of a button.

For such a high value material as diamond, even the slightest improvement in the yield or the cut-grade-quality can have a material effect on the price. Unnecessary to say, the company using the latest technology has a greater competitive advantage in manufacturing. The manufacturing strength is determined by the technology used. However, technology is neither cheap nor easy to implement. Getting the right people to use the technology in a correct way and up to maximum optimization is the biggest issue. And even if a company is successful in getting the technology and the people, how long does it get the advantage ? Only till another technological breakthrough snatches away the competitive advantage. And that happens in months, if not in days.

It is like a rat race which most companies cannot dream to win. It is expensive and guzzles all energy a business might have.
So what is the way out and what is the solution to this problem?

Welcome to Outsourced Diamond Design: ODD is a specialized service planned by Lemon Technomist.

Lemon Technomist has set up a Huge Outsourcing infrastructure in India for providing outsourced design, colour optimization and manufacturing services using Lexus’s latest planning and imaging technologies. The infrastructure and equipments are state-of-the-art and the team too is highly skilled, specialized and trained to plan your stones to precision and unearth the maximum value out of them. As Lexus has unparallel R&D capabilities, the technologies used are constantly upgraded to be on the cutting edge. Having entrusted your diamonds to us, you don’t have to worry about the fixed cost of technology or equipments or recruitment or training of people or on quality control to check whether your team is able to realize the maximum value of your stones. With your total cost of processing substantially lower than in-house planning and processing, you shall get huge value enhancements of your stones and that too without any hassles and without actually sending your stones out of your city. We use the latest imaging and communication technologies to get the image of your stone uploaded to our processing center. Where, sitting several miles away and operating in different time zones, our expert planners using the latest technologies shall plan your stone and send you back the various possible plan options along with their respective values.

Believe us, the aforesaid process shall be as simple as it sounds. Moreover, our processes shall assure you of the utmost standards of data confidentiality, integrity and materiality. We can get in touch with you for your specific requirements, queries or concerns.