• Fancy Colour
    Optimization and Manufacturing !

    Having optimized and polished 1000s of stones based on our unique approach and proprietary technology, LTM has developed a unique workshop of Fancy color optimization and manufacturing processes through the best technical aid which are ahead than any technology in the market.
    Lab – Grown Diamond Identification, Diamond Type & Type IIa identification service.
  • Colourless (D to Z colours)
    designing and Manufacturing !

    State-of-the-art-Production lab in Surat India.
    Latest machineries like Helium, M-Box2.0, immersion glass, Spectrometers, Color optimization technology, Aqua, Diatomology, etc... In-house R&D lab


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From Easy to Complex, Round to Fancy Shape, Colorless to Fancy Color, we manufacture each and every kind of stone.

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Lemon TechnoMist ('LTM') is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company belonging to the Lemon Technologies and Lexus - Octonus groups.

Lemon TechnoMist specializes in designing and manufacturing special diamonds viz. fancy colored and large sized (3ct.+) colorless diamonds. LTM has set up a state-of-the-art diamond design and manufacturing facility in Surat (India) for providing various diamond services with the latest planning, imaging, colour optimizing and cutting technologies from Lexus - Octonus and other technology leaders. LTM's infrastructure and equipment's are highly advanced and the team too is highly skilled, specialized and trained to design and optimize the value of each stone and then cut them into precision. The company has it’s collection centres in Antwerp and Mumbai as well.

What we do!

Lemon TechnoMist – Imagineering Diamonds

Till very recently, the color of a diamond was based on judgment at the rough stage. There are companies which still have the same system. However, at Lemon TechnoMist, we use science and technology to accurately estimate the color of a stone at the rough stage itself. And you would be surprised that a single stone could give you a D color or an E or an F or even Fancy Colour depending on how exactly it is designed, cut and polished. This allows maximizing the value of a diamond. For us, each stone is a project with the mission to optimize its value through design based on the optimum combination of shape, color, purity and cut.

An unstoppable R&D and latest technical knowhow, institutionalized into substantive processes and proprietary technology analyzing billions of combinations of various parameters are used by LTM to convert an uncut stone into a Polished master piece.

Our Services

Colorless (D to Z) Diamonds - Rough Planning & Plotting to Polished Manufacturing

We do Manufacturing service for Semi-Polish & Polish diamonds.

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Fancy Color Optimization and Manufacturing

The Fancy color optimization determines which color will likely be in the Fancy color Diamond.

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Re-Imagineering Services

By using latest technologies and software's we do Re-Imagineering Services.

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D to Z Color Confirmation Services

The D2Z Service confirms the color from D to Z range in Colorless diamond using Spectrum and other such advanced technologies.

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IF Clarity Confirmation Services

We also check and confirm that the stone will be IF grafe or not.

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IG Auto plotting & Planning

We also do iG Auto-plotting and Planning of your stone.

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Diamond Insurance Assistance Services

We also provide Insurance Assistance Service, so that you are always on the Safer side.

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Diamond Type Identification

We give service for Diamond type identification, so that HPHT & CVD dimonds can be easily separated from Natural Diamonds.

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Videography and Photography for Colorless & Fancy Color Rough and Polished Diamonds & Jewellery

We do videography for colorless & Fancy Color Polished Diamonds and Jewelery.

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Manpower Deputation Services

We also do Manpower Deputation Service, i.e. provide skilled workers to company looking for skilled persones for specific contract period or a fixed time limit.

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